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Our users have told us that because of their ability to give form to even the subtlest of seismic details that they use the Seismic Terrain Explorer for comparative analyses all day, every day, including weekends and holidays. We may not be Picasso, but then again, he never processed seismic.
And if he did, would anyone have ever heard of him?

What Would Seismic Look Like if We Invented it Today?

Seismic is ultimately a visual science!

Despite all the processes that we apply to our data, our ability to make critically important decisions rests upon the display’s ability to communicate seismic information in both a compact and a meaningful way. But our last new seismic display was in the early 80’s, a generation ago. Think of all the improvements we have made in acquisition and processing since then.


Seismic today is quantum levels better than it was back then and yet it looks exactly the same as it did in the days of mainframes and magnetic tapes. We know what seismic looked like back then but what would it look like if we invented it in today’s world of multi-terraflop gpu’s.


The Evolution of Seismic Display Technology

Whether we are processing seismic or interpreting seismic, we spend most of our day looking at seismic. It’s what we do but when we do it, what are we looking at and what are we looking for?

  • We look at wiggle traces when we look for character.
  • We look at variable density displays when we look for amplitudes.
  • We look at gray scale displays when we look for faults and details.

But where do we look when we want to see it all?


Seismic Terrain Displays are the first seismic display that shows everything all at once.

  • They show 2D character and waveform.
  • They show amplitudes in spectacular detail.
  • They show every subtle fault plane reflection.

And they show it all in one compact display.


Explore Seismic’s Untapped Potential for Yourself

Seismic Terrain Displays are many things, dispassionate is not one of them.

They are informative and enthralling.
They are perceptive and ethereal.

They are often as familiar as the street you live on
and yet they are always like nothing you have ever seen before.

They raise questions that we will all have to answer.
And there is always, always, far more to them than meets the eye.

What do you want to do next?